Can GitHub Get You A Job

Why GitHub?

If you are new to writing code or wonder what GitHub is. GitHub is a code hosting
platform for collaboration and version control.
GitHub lets you (and others) work together on projects. By the numbers 2.1 million
organizations use it, 31 million developers are actively using GitHub.
It's a good chance if you are actively looking for a job, potential employers
might use the service.

Here is when it matters.

If you are:
  • A New Grad
  • Experienced but want to transition into a new role
  • You are changing careers and have upgraded your skills
  • Self Taught or a Boot Camp Junky  

A repository can give you a platform to show off your skills, what you love to work on
and an idea of what skills you have.

I have completed a few Nano Degrees at Udacity and they offer some great courses
to get you started for free with GitHub. Udacity free courses can be found here:
There are 4 courses that are geared to help someone develop a repository. Udacity
does this to help students build a portfolio. Github can also be used for free here is a link

When it doesn’t matter.

If you are a known developer and have experience it is less important when hiring
managers. Even if you don’t use this service hiring managers will take you through
white board interviews to get a feel on how you write code, how you think and interact.

Open Source Projects

Are you big on social impact or just love to code? There are millions of open source
projects to work on.

Open source projects are a great place to gain some real world experience if you are
just starting out.

If you have years of experience it's a great way to give back.  
You can look for great projects at GitHub open Source:

GitHub can help you through the screening and interview process, but having said that
not all employers look at your code. So have fun with the platform, work on projects you
enjoy and be part of a larger community. Who knows, it might lead
you to a wonderful career.

132 ENG Inc.
Shane Calder Principal,
132 ENG is an exclusive Engineering and Technical Services Company,
providing placement and recruiting services.

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