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Resumes tips

What you need to know

The resume is not as simple as it once was. There is a lot to consider when writing a resume.
Most resumes are not viewed by human eyes and software parses the first look for most
Fortune 1000 companies. What does this mean for you?

First off your resume will go through an applicant tracking system (ATS).
This will look for keywords, job matching, ranking and create a candidate
summary depending on algorithms built into the software. This software then
adds your resume to a database.

What this means is if your resume is not optimized to go through an ATS you
may not even be considered for a job you are qualified for. If you have sent
out 500 resumes and never got one callback this may be a result that you are
not optimizing your resume and not targeting that resume for the job you are
applying for.

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Keywords Do and Don’ts

Keywords Do.

Craft your resume with your hard skills (keywords), soft skills and industry
specific buzzwords.

Keyword Don’ts

Use keywords and highlight in white text hiding it from view. This will get
you past the ATS and give you a hirer score, but may get you blacklisted
from that company.

Optimize and customize your resume.

When you find a job make sure you match your skills with the job.
If they ask for a specific skill like Java programing. Make sure you
specify what jobs you used this programing language and also include
it in your skills portion of your resume.


ABC Company, April 2017 to Present, Houston, TX
Sr. Product Developer

  • Place matched skills here

Skills   Skill Level
Java Intermediate, 3 years  
C++ Intermediate, 2 years
PLC Beginner, 6 months  

Once you have updated your resume to match the job then check to
see what kind of match you get with the job.

One option for this is to use Job Scan
Jobscan will allow you to scan 5 job matches per month for
It's simple to use and can help you optimize your resume for the job.

Jobscan also has a good section on job hunting, resumes, cover

Don’t get discouraged and keep at it. That opportunity for you is
out there.

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